Hi guys! Since I started social media managing, I have learned so much on how to grow a following and also how to successfully tell a visual story on social platforms that I am happy to share. So here are my tips on how to optimize, have fun, and make the best use out of your individual social media accounts:


Facebook is THE giant of social networking. This has become the #1 platform for users to connect with friends and family and is known to be the replacement for all of high school reunions. In business, it's important to take this platform seriously but for personal use - I say have fun with it and share what ever funny and silly memes your heart desires. If you choose to only have your real friends and family as your friends on this page, which I highly recommend, let your personality shine and share curated content that will make your loved ones smile!

Another trend happening recently that we're all seeing on our timelines is the sharing of viral content on important world topics. When I use the word "platform" for Facebook - I mean it as I've seen many have used it to share their political opinions and beliefs. Now this may seem annoying to some, but this platform is the only place where community can actually engage in such topics and create discussion. I am totally all for it and find that this is the best and most effective outlet to do so!


  • Upload albums of photos categorized by season and of special events. People don't do this enough anymore and it's always fun to look back! You can always put the embarrassing ones years later on private! ;)
  • Celebrate your accomplishments and share with your friends and family! Hey, sometimes likes and comments congratulating you on your new job can put a little kick in your step. You deserve it!
  • Make use of the events page and see what's going on by location and dates! There is no such thing as "nothing to do" no matter where you are. It's about being open-minded and totally going to that food-truck rally or confessionals open-mic you've never even heard about!


  • Feel pressured to have your life as up to pace as everyone else you're seeing on your timeline. Be genuinely happy for their accomplishments and know that you are accomplishing things for yourself too!
  • Be overly emotional with your posts. It's one thing to get support from your friends and family if you're going through a hard time but its also another to share your ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP story with SENTENCES in all caps HERE and THERE. There's a thin line between "I should post that to Facebook" and "I should talk to a therapist about that."

Profile Architecture Tips: 

  1. Have an updated profile picture. It's okay. We understand that your blonde streaky highlights you did yourself were just a phase. 
  2. Have an interesting story-telling banner. A beautiful place someone's traveled to is my favorite!
  3. Keep all bio info updated for future employer search. Okay, just kidding. Not for employer search but to let everyone know that you're totally single and looking right?!

Recommended Frequency: 3x per week min. 10x per week max.

^ these post frequency numbers are ones that I recommend for business but thought I would share anyway! 

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Twitter is currently recognized as a channel where users can connect with their following in a faster/real-time way. With only 140 characters per tweet, this is where those mid-work-day complaints and late night-in-my-feelings thoughts are shamelessly shared. One of the many criticisms that non-users have about Twitter is "Its just text? It's like posting a status on Facebook but like...a lot?" My answer - YEAH. Because on Twitter, the amount of tweets that your little birdie heart desires to share is limitless! When you make the sound of a bird, you don't just do it once do you?! Tweet, Tweet! 


  • Use Twitter as a news resource. As it is the most effective and fastest channel for many media resources to update the world, here you can get information much faster than any news channel.
  • Tweet your fave celebrity icons and role models, along with live-tweeting your opinions on shows your watching during air. It's always fun to be a part of the conversation!
  • If you're at a loss for words, tweet a GIF. My favorite kinds of tweets ever! GIF WONDERLAND HERE. 
  • Re-tweet those late night cheesy in-my-feelings tweets to low-key send a message to bae. *insert straight face & rolling eyes emoji here*


  • Follow spammy accounts. Do some spring cleaning on who you're following as many accounts have turned into only commercial use and no longer posts the content you followed them in the first place for. Twitter timelines can get super messy and saturated with sponsored content. Make sure you're following the accounts that are worth your little birdie heart's time!
  • #Be #Annoying #With #Hashtags
  • Constantly tweet how blessed you are. Nuff said.

Profile Architecture Tips: 

  1. Know that Twitter now allows followers to see what you "like" on your profile page. Press that heart button wisely.
  2. Take advantage of the "Pinned Tweet." Keep your favorite and most interesting tweet at the top of your timeline to engage visitors.
  3. Have a unique bio with an overall summary of what you tweet about. Mine? "Shameless humor. Living life unapologetically. Preferring my puns intended. Coffee."

Recommended Frequency: 2x per day min. *No maximum!

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Instagram is the king of visual story-telling. Users crave to share images and it has become a common addiction to post one image a day. This platform retains the most interaction from followers than any other social network out there as engagement is as easy as a double tap with a pretty heart that pops up users love to see. Funny memes and relatable sarcasm profiles are almost everyone's favorites to follow, as there's just too much fun tagging your friends in something you're totally poking at them for.

In industries such as fashion and beauty, this is where the most viral trends are shared and where most of our "slay-game" inspiration comes from. Oh how we wish for the day everything we double tap can magically appear in our closets! 


  • Be inspiring! As I said, this is your personal visual story-telling board. Share compelling images that inspire you that you think look cute in the "gram" form. Followers will appreciate the diversity and creativity in your posts!
  • Use #hashtags to have your content discovered. My advice for using hashtags is to keep them hidden from the overall Insta time line. Do so by creating your caption in your "notes" app, pressing enter a few times adding a period, injecting the hashtags at the bottom of the captions then copy & pasting into Insta. That way, your overall post doesn't look so messy and has a tech-savvy touch!
  • Reply, reply, reply! This is something I don't see enough! Whether its someone commenting on your selfie or even a simple emoji thumbs up, don't be a balloon head and say thank you! We all know that you were self-indulging when you took that selfie, the least you can do to show some humility is to say something when your girl tells you you're slayin'! UK you love those comments & UK you want s'moreeee!
  • Use Insta-Stories! Insta-Stories is taking over the story game and is another way for you to show up on your audiences' time line. GO LIVE! & Use all the fun features. This has become everyone's new favorite feature on Insta!


  • Post a million of the same exact selfies. #annoying! Same angle, same face - girl, we totes know you're beautiful. Do you?
  • Spam your followers. It's great to be consistent but the fastest way to get un-followed is to carpet-bomb your followers with posts. Everyone has different threshold for how many pics is too many, I say its safe to say 5 posts is too many in a row no matter how funny the memes are.

Profile Architecture Tips: 

  1. Embrace an aesthetic and choose an overall Insta-theme. Successful and most followed users have an overall "vibe" and feel to their profile. Focusing on the overall look of the landing page as a whole will increase the conversion from the new visitor to a follower.
  2. Be safe and smart with your Insta profile and go through your location posts every once in a while in the map on your profile. Make sure you didn't accidentally post a photo from your house and Instagram tracked it! We all have our Insta-crushes but we don't need the creepy ones to show up at our door!
  3. Include an e-mail in your bio. Instagram has opened up the most opportunity for business relationships than any other social platform out there next to LinkedIn. You never know who could pop up in your inbox and all your career worries could go away!

Recommended Frequency: 2x per day max.

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Pinterest is today's #1 online discovery tool that allows users to collect inspiration on a range of topics based on their interests. Whether its finding projects they want to do, places they want to see, or items they want to buy, sometimes users even find inspiration they weren’t even looking for. I personally use Pinterest - to dream! My favorite board is definitely my "Bucket List" board where I go to for motivation where one day I know I can have if I reach my goals.


  • Share original content and your own DIY projects! Not only is it admirable to be a great "re-pinner" but a resourceful one too!
  • Add a personal description to what you pinned if its an addition to a great idea! Don't want to forget!
  • Take advantage of "Shopping with Pinterest" a new update they added onto the site! Learn how it works here!


  • Steal content from others. Not cool.

Profile Architecture Tips: 

  1. Have organized boards with clear titles and objectives. Rather than having multiple boards for "interior design, my room, and future house" try one board called "Home Inspiration" so that inspiration doesn't get lost!
  2. Create a uniform look with featured images having the same theme/feel. An interesting board organization I've seen is having the featured images in order of the colors of the rainbow! ROYGBIV :)

Recommended Frequency: 2 pins per day min. *No Maximum

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Snapchat is currently the most popular network among social media users today. It’s rise over the past year has leveled up past Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Is it because of those awesome puppy and flower crown filters that magically make us girls lose 5lbs in our face and have our contour better than Kim K? or because its a fun way to send only our best friends insanely ugly pictures of ourselves that we'll absolutely kill them for if they screenshot? Whatever it is, I've saved the best for last as Snapchat is currently #1.


  • Keep your stories interesting and entertaining. Whether thats by including emojis or adding a soundtrack in the background, your creative freedom is limitless!
  • Use those terribly ugly face filters and just have fun! We all know that you don't really look like that! It's always good to be able to laugh at yourself!
  • Use the location/holiday geo-filters to add more pizazz to your snaps! OR create your own custom geo-filter for a special event! Submit your geo-filter here!
  • Share the curated content given by the media resources in the stories channel. Share-able memes on SnapChat are super interactive and addicting-ly fun.
  • Take advantage of MEMORIES! a new Snapchat update that allows you create a personal collection of your favorite moments from your story.


  • Use the full 10 seconds. For interesting and interactive stories, I've noticed that shorter story clips allow the user to crave more. Just like a commercial or a movie, we can only retain so much information at once and have the ability to be engaged with just milli-seconds. Keep your story interactive and don't use the full 10!
  • Miss the shot! We all have a love/hate relationship with snaps disappearing forever so turn your brightness and volume up and be ready to screen shot your U-G-L-Y BFF!
  • Post videos of you getting drunk/high/under-the-influence of any form. Not only does no one care but no one likes smoke being blown in their face, in real-life or not.

Profile Architecture Tips: 

  • Have a standout profile name to get people to click your story! With so many stories to watch, names is all caps are more likely to be viewed than ones in all lower case!
  • Fill your Snapchat Ghost. Since there's no such thing as an actual Snapchat profile, your ghost photo is as personal as it gets!

Recommended Frequency: Min. 1x per day, *No Maximum

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...CAN I GET AN EXHALE? There's so much that can effect our social platform presence whether we realize it or not. The smallest things in the digital realm can make a HUGE difference! Whether it is your goal to be a digital influencer or are just trying to stay in the loop, thank you for reading my tips on how to make the best use of each of your social accounts! One last piece of my overall social media advice?

DO use your platforms to share your voice. Your opinion MATTERS!

DON'T use your platforms to be a bully. #NOTCUTE.


Alyssa Camille



Alyssa Camille