This past weekend I celebrated SOCIVA being in business for a whole year! If I had to sum up what the past year has been like starting my own business, taking on the role of on entrepreneur, and working with inspiring brands nationwide - I can only say boy, have I learned SO much. I look back at this past year and can only be grateful for the opportunities God has given me and the lessons that came with every challenge along the way.

Through designing, teaching, and developing real relationships - helping people grow their business and providing tools to make their creative dreams come true - ultimately made mine come true too. This past year has taught me so much about what it means to truly create your own path and that you have the power to define what success means to you. From the importance of creating a brand with an authentic voice to knowing my ideal clients in order to be able to genuinely create a vision I'm passionate about - it truly has been a very humbling learning experience. This past year has honestly gone by so fast and I know it’s only the beginning.

With that said, I'd like to share some of the beautiful images from my 1 Year Celebration shoot taken by my amazing and talented friend, Sydnee Marie! (oh, how I love how she includes her middle name just like me!) This was such a blast to shoot and share but also such motivating and encouraging way to celebrate. When I posted these on the day of, I didn't expect to experience such a wave of emotions and experience the moments of reflection that I did. So thank you, Sydnee for capturing such a special milestone in my career and life - I never wanted this photoshoot to end!

If you are in need of photos for any special occasion, you can inquire with Sydnee here! Tell her I sent you! ;)

Alyssa Camille