5 Daily Habits Of A True-Blue #GirlBoss


Our very own Founder & CEO is a #GirlBoss, herself but what makes a woman a true-blue girl boss in this day and age where it's so easy to just term yourself as one? Scroll through the hashtag on Instagram and you'll be redirected to a million photos with the same tags but is it such an overrated word that anyone can just tag themselves as that?

In order to be a true #Girlboss, there are certain habits that you "should" do and you just might be unconsciously doing it now! Running through emails and ticking off your to-do lists are just part of 'em. Here are five daily habits to ponder:

1. Start your day with a daily to-do list.

This to-do list is just an important part of your life since it helps you keep track of your busy schedule ahead. To add up, you also have that vision board somewhere near your office space or working table. This helps you look at your goals and never forget why you are working hard than anyone else. Hello, you're a #GirlBoss in the making!

2. "Hustle" is a constant state of mind.

A true #GirlBoss knows what “working hard” really means. Apart from rest being an essential aspect of life, you know that grinding daily has its positive effect on the future of your business. And in essence, your future, too.

3. You've got your shit together and by shit - we mean finances.

A #GirlBoss knows how to deal with her finances well. When it is natural for girls to look at fancy bags or shoes, you put them aside at times to pay for the most important things such as your rent, electricity bills and savings. Paying off your debt is more important than any fashion loot, amiright?! One of our favorite books: You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero

4. Ignore the negativity - ignore the haters! 

Haters are just there to place negative thoughts into your mindset, and a true-blue #GirlBoss never allows negativity to sink in. You listen to comments and learn from other people’s inputs in your life. You know how to learn from your mistakes but you know how to filter out negative ones, too! As a #GirlBoss, you know how positive energy can give you a better life. Managing your own business is stressful as it is anyway. Trash negativity out.

5. You know where you are heading.

Lastly, a #GirlBoss just knows where she is going, and that she is building an empire of your own. You bust your butt daily because you have goals and that goal is quite clear to you. You know that beyond all these - you are going to be successful; that’s exactly why you don’t stop.

Ticked any of these daily habits? Or are you off to start a life of a #GirlBoss? Whatever stage you are in with regards to your career, you can always be the best version of a #GirlBoss that you can be. Do you, lady!

Photo: Pexels

Written by Elonah Bioneda


Alyssa Camille