How to Charge What You're Worth As A #GirlBoss


We've talked about how to be a #girlboss in this day and age when everyone just seems to be called as one. And now that we've distinguished the factors on how to become one heck of a woman-boss, it's time to move forward with a new topic in mind: how to charge what you're worth.

A lot of us dream of opening up our own business... of course, who wouldn't want to work for themselves and earn money while you're at it?! But not everyone who jumps into the entrepreneurial bandwagon succeeds because, let's face it, we don't know everything about running a business. In this post, we will try to navigate the first steps into running your own biz: charging clients for your skill, talent and hardwork.

Tip #1: Know your worth as a freelancer (and entrepreneur!). If you're a freelancer, chances are you're your own boss. You run your own business and scour for clients to pay for your skills. Before meeting up with a potential client (on and offline), make sure you know your worth. If you're a writer, charge depending on the amount of words being written and the quality of your content. If you're a website or graphic designer, make sure you have a portfolio to back up your rate per design. It all boils down to your talent, so charge what you think you deserve.

Tip #2: Back yourself up with a killer portfolio. We know you're skilled at what you do, but chances are, potential clients won't believe you unless you show them actual results. Wrote a fashion piece and got featured on several blogs? Print it out or link it in your own website. Designed a logo for a local boutique or cafe? Highlight it on your website's landing page. Potential clients will want to know what you can do for them, so it's particularly important to showcase your talent as a freelancer.

Tip #3: Your branding should be clear and on-point. We can't stress enough how branding one's self is very important in starting up a business. You've seen the likes of Forever 21 versus your local boutique, right? The former's branding is clear enough that customers flock it no matter the issues and bad pr. If you're just a local boutique, start with the basics such as a logo, social media accounts and a responsive website. Once you've established the necessary basics of branding your business, you can then move towards finding potential clients who will want to work with you.

These are just simple (and doable!) steps that you can follow when starting up a business of your own. It's important to know how to charge what you're worth as a #girlboss so people can't just put price tags on you. If you need our service on how to brand your business, we're more than happy to guide you through it all!

Photo: Pexels

Written by Elonah Bioneda


Alyssa Camille