Branding 101: Things You Need To Know As An Entrepreneur


A savvy business woman knows her thing. Sometimes, it is not always about your product, service or your business itself. While it is important to market what you're selling, it is more important to let your audience know who you are and why you do what you do. In short, the real face behind it all.

This is where "branding" comes into the picture. Now, you may have heard about it on social media, blog posts and what have you. But what really is branding in the world of business nowadays? To keep things simple, branding is basically where you stand as an entrepreneur. It is what people perceive about you. If people see you're as good and as reasonable as an entrepreneur, it is natural that they would trust your product. That is what branding is all about, ladies and gentlemen.

So, how do you build up your own brand and actually succeed in such a saturated space? Here are some points you might want to consider:

Tell your story.

As the brand/owner, you might want to tell your own story yourself. Whatever you want them to know about yourself and the brand; why are you here and why you do things that you do. Do the storytelling on your own and do not assume your audience would eventually get your story on their own accord. Present yourself the way you want to be presented by others.

Build your brand first and your products second.

Again, present your brand first. If people trust you, they would trust your brand. 

Build connections.

Connections are very important to branding yourself. In order to build credible connections, you need to be credible yourself. When creating a content, it is always best to remain honest with what you create. Also, create content that’s worth sharing. If people can relate to what you are saying or what you present them, they would eventually share it to others and the web of connections expands.

Know where to publish.

As a content maker and entrepreneur, we create content in order to introduce ourselves to others. It is one thing to write about your story, but it is another to share it where people would actually see you. Know which social media you would want to use, or online communities you would want your brand to get known. There would always be a niche for your own brand. 

Step out and actually experience.

Carrying a brand is not an easy job, thus, we turn to books, influencers and anything we can grasp knowledge from. However, it doesn’t end there. Knowledge, if not applied, would never prosper. Step out and apply all these knowledge you get in forming your own brand. Be brave to face things that scare you.

As an entrepreneur, branding might be your everything... but know that it isn't. You should always be true to who you are first, and the rest will follow in your business.

Photo: Pexels

Written by Elonah Bioneda


Alyssa Camille