Mastering the Insta-Grid


As an online entrepreneur, a blogger, an influencer or just a normal human being, it's essentially part of life to have a social media account. After all, we live in the modern age now where everything is just a click away. And since life is basically lived online, you want your social media account to look as best as possible: ehem, Instagram.

For the most part, wanting to gain a lot of Instagram followers will require you to have a very inviting feed. And if you're a brand or an influencer, chances are, your feed is your portfolio. A magazine of yourself or your business. In this light, you might want to make your Instagram feed really appealing.

In the Instagram world, each square on your grid plays an important role to the whole package. Thus, one needs to be careful on what photo to post or else, suffer the consequences of being judged online. Below, we've noted down some tips on how to rock your Instagram grid in order to achieve the aesthetic you are looking for.

1. One theme look

It’s just as simple as uploading any photo you want. No thinking of where exactly to place them or how to do it. Just upload! The catch here is, you need to use the same filter or use the same color combination for all your photos. A single theme for your Instagram grid makes all the difference in appearance.

2. Rainbow

In making a rainbow type of feed, it will require more strategic planning in order to transition one photo to another. In this kind of grid, the colors doesn’t stick to one all through out, but it changes gradually as the photo progresses. Contrary to having a one color scheme feed, this rainbow type gives a bit more life to your feed.

3. Lines

This type requires you to place your photos of the same theme or the same kind in one row. In a vertical line, or in diagonal lines. As for the horizontal look, you upload photos of the same kind or theme in one row so your photos would tell a certain story from left to right. It is basically just like giving your followers something to “read” on your Instagram feed.

4. Quote tiles

Using quotes to separate your photos in your feed can also be a good aesthetic. It gives the audience a little bit of a break from all the visuals you are feeding them. You can place quotes to your feed and upload them one tile after the other, or in a straight vertical line in the middle of your feed or in every other row. 

Planning your feed and making it look aesthetically pleasing is somewhat a requirement for people who wants to have a good number of followers in the online world. Instagram plays a big role in reaching out to people across boarders. That's why presenting your Instagram in a way that's visually appealing will ultimately yield results.

Photo: Pexels

Written by Elonah Bioneda


Alyssa Camille