Sociva Studios offers 1-on-1 mentoring sessions designed for entrepreneurs interested in becoming savvy with socials, business, all things digital and chic. Receive guidance directly from our Founder & CEO, Alyssa Camille in person or via Skype. These mentorship sessions include goal definition, strategy, tool suggestions, answering any questions you may have & follow-up calls!

Pricing: $115/1 Session

Package Pricing: $300/3 Sessions, $615/ 6 sessions

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“Alyssa is a complete GEM. I reached out to her for business advice on a whim, and didn’t expect too much of her time. To my surprise she was so attentive & really wanted to dig deep on what it was I needed her help with no matter how much time it took. Her one on one mentoring has given me the courage to start my own Social Media Agency- Jace & Co. She gives me advice when I need it, and gives me a pat on the back for everything I’ve achieved so far. Having her in my corner as I start this journey is the best thing I could ever ask for my business. Jace & Co. needs her as much as I do and I’m so lucky that we’ve discovered Sociva! Book her for a one on one mentoring session, you won’t regret making the invenstment to better your business!"

- Jessica Thompson, Founder of Jace & Co. & Living in Colour