Q&A: Krista Ferguson, Model, Miss MI USA 2017 & Owner of Queens by Krista

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From our high school theatre to the MISS USA stage, Krista Ferguson has always been destined to shine but more importantly, has always had the capacity to galvanize others into shining in their own light too. It couldn’t make more sense for her to have turned her natural gift into an opportunity, Queens by Krista, where she guides her clients to feel “Confidently Beautiful,” preparing them for all levels of the Miss Universe Organization stage.

We grew up on the same street together, went through all levels of schooling together and I couldn’t be more proud to now share our entrepreneurial journey together. I’m so honored to feature my best friend, sister and now fellow #bossbabe on the Sociva Studios blog. Keep reading to learn more about the brains behind the beauty and how she’s come to making the world shine brighter, one queen at a time.

What inspired you to start Queens by Krista?

After competing for Miss USA and passing on my title to my successor, I gained extensive knowledge on pageantry and what it takes to be a titleholder. I have always liked helping others so it was a no brainer to share my knowledge and experience to those aspiring to win the crown. My passion for pageantry has kept growing so I’m ecstatic to see my business grow as well. There’s no greater feeling than seeing your friends and clients succeed.

Who inspires you and why?

I have always loved Lauren Conrad. Not only is she a tv personal, she is a fashion designer, author, and mother. I love that she created a clothing line that’s affordable and feminine and writes blog that are relatable to all women. She speaks with her heart and shares real experiences in order to help or comfort others.

Krista Ferguson at MISS USA 2017 Opening 2017.

Krista Ferguson at MISS USA 2017 Opening 2017.

What was your biggest learning moment from being Miss Michigan USA?

Winning does not always mean getting the crown. Did I win MISS USA? No, I didn’t. Did I prepare and focus for nationals? Yes, but it didn’t consume my life. Ultimately one woman is winning the title of MISS USA, if you put all your heart and soul into just winning you will be disappointed. Make your year worth it and give back to your community. Focus on things you want to accomplish for your year as a titleholder. I worked closely with JDRF and ADA to bring awareness to diabetes. I have helped those struggling with the disease to know that it doesn’t limit their success. When I realized how many lives I’ve touched with my story, I felt like I won.

What advice do you find you give yourself often?

The advice I give myself is to step outside my comfortable zone. Comfort is the enemy of progress. We don’t grow when we stay inside our comfort zone. It takes new challenges and experiences in order to move on to the next chapter in your life.

Krista Ferguson with her client and newly crowned MISS MI USA 2020, Chanel Johnson.

Krista Ferguson with her client and newly crowned MISS MI USA 2020, Chanel Johnson.

What do you want your clients to know about you?

I want them to know that with me, they’re in good hands (with a fabulous manicure, of course!) and that my goal throughout their journey with me is to celebrate who they are and make sure that’s who shines on stage. I’m not here to turn my clients into the cookie-cutter pageant girl — I’m here to celebrate what makes each of them unique, care about what they care about, and support them through a personalized journey that helps them present their best self.

How has Sociva Studios impacted your business?

Sociva Studios has been a huge asset to turn my vision into a reality. She created a logo that represented my style, personality, and how I want my business to be perceived. Being a creative mind, it’s great to feed off of one another, Sociva Studios does this by asking the right questions to get a better feel of what your brand is all about. I couldn’t have done this without her!

Thank you so much, Krista for celebrating Sociva Studios’s 3rd birthday with me and inspiring our community to step into their best self (maybe even in a platform heel!)! You’ve held multiple titles I’m so proud of throughout the years but I hope you know that “best friend” is the one I’m proud of the most.

To keep up with Krista & Queens by Krista, you can follow her personal & business Instagram @mskristaferguson and @queensbykrista.

Alyssa Camille