3 Years and a Glass of Wine


Dear Friends,

Okay let me be honest — I’m a few glasses of wine in and this is my second time beginning to write this blog post (I have no idea what happened to my previously written first three paragraphs). It’s the night before Sociva Studios 3rd Birthday. I contemplated on writing this tomorrow but I realized that this buzz will only help bring out the realest and most authentic words from me so here goes.

I can’t believe tomorrow marks 3 years. There’s still so much to learn, still so many ways to grow, and I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Note to clients: don’t worry - I’ve got you with all the things happening in the studio but I think many of us entrepreneurs can relate with still feeling up in the air from taking the leap.

Looking at my generously poured glass of wine as I write, I realized that this entrepreneurial journey is like finding your favorite bottle of wine. There will be sweet moments, bitter moments, ones that are just okay, ones that make you feel invincible and ones that will totally get you f***ed up. If I were to put all the moments from the past 3 years in my in-home wine cellar that I don’t have, those are all the bottles that I would have inside.

The Bottle with Sweet Notes: This represents the daily moments with my amazing clients, who so generously pour their visions into my hands for me to help bring to life. The fruity notes include the small moments of victory when I would receive an inquiry or a 5-Star review. This glass I’m grateful to say is the one I’ve consistently drunk from and hope to always have a bottle in stock.

The Bitter Pour: This represents those isolating moments or the ones where I question if I’m good enough to do this. I catch myself taking sips from this glass tasting notes of doubt, insecurity and fear. On the outside, everything looks fine with a glass in hand but no one could really taste what I taste. What I’ve found is that once I’ve put the glass down it only raises my own viscosity.

The Bottle That’s Just Okay: Middle shelf to the left, there have been dryer moments in my journey where I’ve just been content. I’ll sip comfortably and sit back as I watch the party before me waiting for something exciting to happen. As blasé as this glass may be — I know it’s an important one because in these moments, although quiet and calm, it only means that something brilliant is brewing inside.

The Glass That Makes Me Feel Invincible: This is my favorite glass to drink from. This bottle is one that I cherish and one I strive to have more of. This one is full-bodied, that gives you that “good drunk” and represents the moments I remember why I’m here. There are notes of big wins, dream clients, adrenalizing ideas, and substantial gratitude. With every sip, the highs are high and there’s absolutely nothing below. This glass isn’t one I pour myself. This is a bottle given to me by my clients or a moment when God turned water into wine.

and lastly…

The Glass That Gets Me F***ed Up: The moments of devastation, heartbreak and feelings of defeat have been very real. This glass comes in a cheap bottle but “does the job” and sometimes felt like it was the only one I could afford. I’ve found myself going 1000 mph and then everything coming crashing down. The hangover here absolutely sucks but the moments of recovery are ones I consider victorious.

As I step back and take a look at my cellar, this collection is one that I am proud of. Each bottle, although all different, have made Sociva vibrant, precocious, layered and rich in gratitude with every sip. I hope that in the years to come, my collection only grows with bottles to be proud of and more people to drink with.

Thank you all for being here, for celebrating with me. May we all raise our glass to 3 years and more drunken nights to come.



Founder & Creative Director

Sociva Studios

Alyssa Camille