Q&A: Kelsey Morris, Hairstylist & Owner of Studio K Salon and The Sydney Collection

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“Multi-Passionate” is just one of the commendatory words I can use to describe Kelsey Morris, who has inspired me in so many adrenalizing ways since we met. On a work trip in Orlando, FL, Kelsey and I shared our deepest secrets, passions & dreams in a hot tub over strawberry daiquiri’s, immediately becoming best friends.

Kelsey Morris is a Hairstylist & the Owner of Studio K Salon and The Sydney Collection. She is also a mother, a wife, GlossGenius ambassador and Sunlights Balayage educator. She’s a woman to watch and a powerhouse of an entrepreneur. Keep reading to learn how she balances it all and where her motivation comes from.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

I honestly can't remember a day when I didn't want to own my own business. Since I was a child my Dad and I would joke that some day I would own a boutique and he would live above it! Who would have thought that it would come to fruition? I think I was born for this :)

Hair by Kelsey, Studio K Salon.

Hair by Kelsey, Studio K Salon.

You're a hairstylist, educator, business owner, wife and mom -- how do you balance it all?

I'm still working on the balance, but I am a great multitasker. In fact, I get bored if I don't have multiple things going on. I'm also very good at compartmentalizing tasks and can easily transfer from mom mode to work mode. I think it’s important to be able to shut down work mode when necessary and really focus on the family. My kids notice when I'm distracted so they keep me honest.

Where does your inspiration and motivation come from?

My inspiration originally came from the love I have for the beauty industry, but as time has passed it's become so much more. I strive to honor my late sister with a positive attitude and try to teach my young daughter that its possible to have it all... a family, work and happiness.

What advice do you find you give yourself often?

“This too shall pass.”

Fashion flatlay featuring pieces from The Sydney Collection.

Fashion flatlay featuring pieces from The Sydney Collection.

What's next for Studio K & The Sydney Collection?

The possibilities are endless! We have a store front coming November 1st!

How has Sociva Studios impacted your business?

Sociva Studios has transformed my business and really given my the courage to take risks. Every time we've worked together I come away feeling empowered and ready to confidently take on a new adventure. I feel like the brand work created for me by Sociva gave me an identity as a business. What more could you ask! I love you Alyssa!!!!!!!!

I love you too, Kelsey!! Thank you SO much for celebrating Sociva’s birthday with me. I cannot wait to celebrate The Sydney Co.’s grand opening and come in to be styled from head to toe.

If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area and want a hairstylist who will have you slayed, book an appointment with Kelsey on her website here and shop The Sydney Collection for the cutest online clothing here! To stay updated with Kelsey, follow her on Instagram @kelseymorris18!

Alyssa Camille