Q&A: Samantha Schmuck, CEO & Holistic Life Coach @ Revived Living

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Experts say that the average human being has between 60-000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. My question is, how many of those are productive thoughts vs. just noise or more importantly, positive thoughts vs. negative ones? I think we can all agree that on an average day, amongst the good things, our mind can still be filled with even more worries, fears, and doubts — and thats where a life coach can come in.

Samantha Schmuck is the CEO & Holistic Life Coach of Revived Living. She is a woman full of zest for life with a passion for people and their personal growth. The first conversation I had with Sam was at a Dames Collective Event (where she is also one of the Main Dames!), was about Imposter Syndrome and how to overcome it. I remember being embarrassed to learn what that meant for the first time, immediately identifying with it but was relieved to find out that in this group of women, I wasn’t the only one.

Since meeting Sam at the after-hours event, I’ve shared with her my own insecurities, fears and doubts and over filipino food at Isla Detroit, she walked me through a process to help me understand why I was feeling those ways and how to overcome it. In just one dinner date with Sam, I had a better understanding of who I am, why my behavioral patterns are the way they are and what I can do for myself in moments where I need to be my own emotional support.

Read on to learn more about Samantha’s journey to becoming a holistic life coach and for some highly valuable techniques on relieving anxiety and stress. (The exact ones she taught me!) This Q&A is filled with s0 much inspiration, so much value and I am so excited to introduce to you, Samantha Schmuck.

What made you want to become a life coach?

Ultimately what finalized this path was the choice to be location independent versus becoming a chiropractor and having a set office to go to each day, which has been amazing since I've now lived in three different states since! However, what led me to that point was my own journey with chronic full-body joint inflammation that ended my career as a competitive gymnast. I was twelve with no answers from the medical community and I began going down a really dark path in my mind that perpetuated into panic attacks, long stints of depression and self-harming behavior. I questioned if I wanted to live or not and thankfully a soft knowing came over me that said I had to stay around 16. I had no idea exactly how it was going to get better, but I was dedicated to pursuing any holistic and natural path that could lessen the pain I was in. Having questioned my life at such an early age and realizing it is this gift we're only given once, I am now on a mission to help others feel their best and make the most out of the one life that they have. #TheRevivedLife

Working with so many women through what you do and Dames Collective, is there a common narrative in terms of challenges women go through that you've found? If so, what is it and what advice do you have for women experiencing the same thing?

Our stories are all different, but at the heart of it, we are all seeking love, safety, and belonging in our lives. With women specifically, I find we're all trying to break out of the narrative of what we've been taught through societal and parental programming about what's going to make us feel valued and worthy in this life. So many of the women I've worked with are striving for something because they think it will make a parent or someone else that they respect in their life happy or finally view them in a certain way. My goal is always to silence the noise so my clients can hear their inner knowing and what is going to make them happiest and fulfilled as that is the only thing that matters when we're reviewing how we lived our life at the end of it. My advice would be to create stillness and awareness about what is driving you to go after certain things in your life. With awareness comes choice and it is a powerful gamechanger!

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What advice do you find you give yourself often?

Be kind to yourself. I am very accepting of others and honor their pace in the journey, but we can all be our own worst critic! There is so much we are not taught growing up about how to handle life stressors while still performing at a high level to achieve your goals. This specific year has been a huge year of family medical emergencies, so when I feel behind in where I'd like to be in my business, etc. I come back to gratitude and how I've been able to be there for the ones that I love and how that matters more than anything right now.

What's one of your favorite techniques to relieve anxiety and stress?

DANCE! & breathing. Breath is a ninja tool for countering anxiety and stress as we can do it in any situation without those around us being aware. It is one of the only functions in the body that is both autonomic, meaning we don't have to think about it and it still happens and keeps us alive, but we can also intentionally change and control the breath pattern. When we are stressed and we begin to control the breath pattern we signal to the body that we are relaxed and our nervous system subsequently relaxes as well. Short and shallow breathing is a sign that your fight or flight response has been activated due to anxiety or stress so try the 5-5-7 breathing technique. Inhale for five seconds, hold for five seconds, exhale for seven seconds, and repeat for ten rounds. The specific numbers don't matter as much as the exhale being longer than the inhale!

Second, I really love dance as it allows us a moment to get out of our head and into the body while releasing any stored stress or heavy emotions from the physical body. It stimulates feel-good hormones to be released through the physical activity and is so powerful for shifting the mental state to a positive one. As Tony Robbins says, "Emotion is created by motion. If you don't like the emotion, change the motion."

What do you want future clients to know about you?

I take a very different approach to health & wellness than most. It is about creating awareness and tapping into your intuition so that you become empowered in your health and honoring your specific bodies needs rather than me providing a rigid plan for you to follow. We are dynamic beings and life is always changing on us so what works best at one stage of your life will not work best at another stage of your life. By taking this approach it provides the tools needed so that at any stage of your life you're able to adapt and find what works best for you rather than feeling frustrated and back at the starting block. I love to set my clients up with a strong foundation that they are able to build on with or without me. It's all about having fun in the process and discovering that you already have everything within you needed to get to where you want to go and it's my job to help you unlock it!

How has Sociva Studios impacted your business?

SO MUCH! It is amazing to work with Alyssa. Since I am a coach I am always the one asking the questions and it was so refreshing to have her eyes on my business and connecting me back to what I love most so that it shines in my marketing efforts. Her enthusiasm and upbeat personality is so refreshing to work with and helped spark my own joy and WHY I do what I do in my business when it can be easy to get caught up in the logistical or less fun sides of owning a business!

Wow! Thank you so much, Sam for sharing your expertise and heart with us! I’m so happy our passionate hearts have not only worked together but thanks to the universe, have aligned! You are so incredibly gifted and I know you yourself are a gift to others in their lives!

For more tips or to book a session with Sam, check out her website revived-living.com and stay updated with her on her Instagram @revived_living.

Alyssa Camille