Q&A: Alexa Settles, Founder & Creative Director of Glamorous Planning


I’ve always been someone who loves planners; the stickers, the tabs, the organized sections, using different colored pens and all but have never been able to stick to it. That was until my Glamorous Planner came along.

Glamorous Planning designs easy-to-use planners and stylish stationery pieces for career-driven women. Their mission is to inspire and empower women with the tools they need to simplify their lives.

My Glamorous Planner plays a huge part in my every day life — it keeps my weeks organized, my goals aligned, my savings plan set, my water intake on track, and MORE. I could not be more excited to introduce to you the Founder & Creative Director of Glamorous Planning, Alexa Settles.

Keep reading to learn more about Alexa’s inspiration behind her products and tips for all things planning!

What made you start Glamorous Planning?

I started Glamorous Planning with a mission to inspire and empower women with planners and tools to lived an organized life. In this digital age, the act of writing to-do lists and goals reinforces productivity and our cornerstone product, The Glamorous Planner, helps you plan all areas of your life in a meaningful way.


What are some of the things you have in mind when designing the planner?

A good color palette and mood board are the starts of the designing process for my planners. I find that these two things really set the tone for both the cover and interior pages. I also love asking my community what they want to see next and how I can step it up or provide them with something that will help them become more organized. They are at the forefront of everything I do!

Do you have a favorite section of the planner? If so, which one?

Hmm, this is hard but I’d have to say the weekly layout. I use it the most and I look seeing a snap shot of my week ahead. There’s also space to document your water intake and meals. It keeps me accountable and focused!


Do you have a routine for writing in your planner? Any tips for those who love planners but "can't stick to it?"

My best advice for writing in your planner is pick it up because grabbing your phone and writing something in notes. And honestly, finding a routine that works best for you will keep you consistent with writing in it. Whether that’s daily or weekly, try to figure out how often you need to reference it to stay on track.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find most of my inspiration from Pinterest. It’s like the hub for all things inspiring. I can get caught for hours scrolling and pinning things.

What advice do you find you give yourself often?

Keep going! Entrepreneurship is tough but if you keep learning, evolving and giving it your best the results will come.

What do you want future customers to know about Glamorous Planning?

I want my future customers to know that we are a brand far beyond planners. My goal is to educate and inspire women to take control of their lives through planning.

I feel like you're always secretly working on the next product! Any hints as to what's next for Glamorous Planning?

There’s always a new idea or product that comes to mind for Glamorous Planning. I’ve played with the idea of launching a wedding planner being that I just went through that process. There’s no set launch date but it will be designed with brides in mind, for sure!

Thank you so much, Alexa for sharing your creative process and tips for planning with us. I cannot even imagine how amazing the wedding planner is going to be. I remember hearing you speak and meeting you for the first time at a Femology event and I know we’re all so inspired by your entrepreneurial journey and hustle. Thank you for creating a product that truly empowers women — I’m so grateful to be one of them!

If you’d like to purchase your own Glamorous Planner, all things stationary and more, head to glamorousplanning.com. You can also follow Alexa on Instagram at @champagne_muse and Glamorous Planning @glamorousplanning.

Alyssa Camille