Q&A: Zahra Coco, Scientist & Influencer @thezahracoco

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Meet Zahra Coco. Scientist by Day but on Instagram @thezahracoco with a community of over 15,000 followers. Post after post, Zahra shares with her community all things fashion, beauty, travel & lifestyle paired with the most empowering quotes. Having partnered with some of Detroit's hottest brands and other influential bloggers, Zahra has set an example for successful, ambitious, fashionable, and multicultural women everywhere.

I couldn’t help but compliment Zahra on her outfit the first time I met her. In person, her styling from head to toe is hard to miss! She has the most welcoming energy and is truly a woman to be inspired by. Keep reading to hear how Zahra candidly shares the #influencerlife and tips for making it in the digital space on your own.

What's it like to be a scientist by day, influencer by night?

It feels great to be part of drug discovery programs to treat diseases, help people and medicine! Also, at the same time, seeing my self impacting other women’s style at work or through my Instagram platform is very pleasing to me. I have an endless passion for fashion, beauty and science! So these are all keeping me going and busy from day to night!

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Who inspires you?

Jessica Alba always inspires me. She is a true example of brains & beauty! She believes that “We have to be brutally honest with ourself and understand our strengths and weaknesses." This will push us forward and help us grow! Other successful women entrepreneurs are also get me inspired by.

How would you describe the content you create?

I focus on beauty and fashion style for professional woman for work and street-style. Women contribute more than half of the work force and style at work is critical to our confidence but not commonly discussed. I share my professional style (thorough Instagram) at work with other woman to help them be the best they can at work. I also share ideas for date night and parties with my followers. I believe to develop my own brand and expand my platform in future.

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What advice do you find you give yourself most often?

Stay focused, believe that you can achieve at the highest level, surround yourself with others who believe in you, and do not stray from your from your goal.

What do you love most about blogging?

The one thing I enjoy about blogging is that you will see how your opinion is important to so many people. Then you start building the relationship with your followers which they trust you (your choice)

What advice would you give to other women trying to make it in the influencer space?

Be patient, consistent and focused.Lastly, try to always be your true self! Don’t copy other people and stay original — that’s when people start to really know you!

Thank you so much, Zahra for sharing what inspires you and life as an influencer. The Sociva Studios just got even more fabulous & chic having you! Make sure to follow Zahra on Instagram @thezahracoco where you won’t want to miss a post! Join her community for endless inspiration on all things beauty & style!

Alyssa Camille